This is exactly one half of a design philosophy

The Internet is a series of files, not a series of tubes. The series of tubes thing is dumb: hypertext is not tubular but rather just, you know, part of how files work. Files have metadata. Files have references to other files. I want to make sure that, no matter what, this site remains as "file" styled as possible. That's my design approach more than anything, rn. I don't want it to feel like Geocities or shit like that, which never felt like files but rather like little worlds, or like Facebook which is the pure af antithesis of file style. I just want to make Internet pages that look like the Internet I would like to be in, which ain't the MySpace bloat or the Geocities bloat or the Facebook bloat. I don't want digital floating worlds. I want files. I make this blog in Atom before posting. I do not use a WYSIWYG editor because that helps divorce us from the file nature of the Internet. I will have minimal JScript outside of making games. That's all I got.